Thursday, April 7, 2016

The New Mexico Sky

     Have you ever sat under a New Mexico Sky? In the morning it’s lit up with rays of gold streaming through the darkness, awaking everything in its path. By lunch time, on a clear day, the vast open sky is all shades of blue from light blue on the horizon to deep blue near the sun. In the evening she puts on a gorgeous show of pink and purple rays glistening as the sun says goodnight. And in the very dark of night God displays the universe for all to see His glory.
     The New Mexico sky is one of the many things I love about New Mexico. I haven’t really been to Texas or Arizona to know how New Mexico compares to them but I do know God has made some gorgeous country with amazing features about each place! You can see for miles down here. Mountains that you have to drive an hour to get to are right out your back door as their peaks appear in the distant. The beauty of their peaks are displayed so wonderfully when the sun is setting, covering the mission in darkness, but the peaks stand out because the light has not yet faded from them.
     One of my favorite times to be out is the night. Not for all the lurking shadows and howls of coyotes, but for the glories of the heavens I see above. Some nights the moon is incredibly bright. One night after a Weds church service I was driving route and I thought I saw a cars headlights coming towards me. I turned off my brights so not to blind them, but when I came up the next hill, I realized it was just the moon. The moon, shining in all its glory and brightness. Tonight I stood staring at the stars. I had to think of when God told Abraham to look at the night sky and told him that his descendants would be more than the stars. I have a feeling God allowed all of the universe to shine that night and yet, it would be more than those.
     How truly small we are. I love Louie Giglio’s “How Great Is Our God” DVD. He talks about, “If the earth were a golf ball.” I get goosebumps every time I watch it. Every time I am reminded at how little I am, yet how much I worry about my problems, my future, and me, me, me, me!!!! There are BILLIONS of people on this planet, am I greater than them? No. There are ZILLIONS of planets out in the universe, am I greater than them? Certainly not! There is a God who controls all of those planets, all of those people, yet He had the care and compassion to look at me. He had the love and mercy to hold my hand. He has the grace and forgiveness to want me. How am I worthy? I am not. I am not worthy for Him to even look upon such a sinner, but He does. He takes me into His arms and calls me His child. Out of all those planets, out of all those people, He calls, cares, forgives, loves, holds, and sees me. He sees you. He cares for you. He loves you. He holds you. He forgives you. He knows the number of hairs on your head. A powerful, all-knowing God wants to care for my heart and for your heart.

     I find I am so small and minuet when I stand back and look at the glory of God. It amazes me that God wants to have a relationship with me when He has so many other people and things to take care of. God wants and desires a relationship with you also. He takes care of all those people and planets but he wants to take care of you, your heart, and your hurt. He holds the planets, He can hold you too!