Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Mother's Legacy

In church on Mother's Day we celebrated mothers and of course heard about different mothers in the Bible. Mothers such as: Hannah, Jochebed, Mary, Elizabeth, Lois, and Eunice. These ladies not only just mothers of famous God-fearing men. They are women who left a legacy that is to be followed by us today.

Hannah, mother of Samuel, couldn't bare children. She offered to God her child if he would bless her with one. God blessed Hannah with a son. To long for a child only to give him up after 3 or so years had to be so hard for her. But Hannah was not giving him up in vain, she knew she was giving him to God for God's service. Total sacrifice to God on Hannah's part produced more good fruit; 1: Samuel grew up to be a Godly man. 2: Hannah was then blessed with more children.

Jochebed, mother of Moses, also made a great sacrifice for her child. When Moses was born all baby boys were being murdered. His mother and father, for the sake of their son, hid Moses in the bulrushes of the river. Pharaoh's daughter found him and adopted him. Not knowing Jochebed to be his mother, the princess hired her to be Moses's nurse until he was old enough to not need her. Though Jochebed still got to spend time nursing Moses, she had to return him to Pharaoh's daughter. The faith Jochebed had to give up her son, knowing God would take care of him is powerful. It is recorded in Hebrews 11 that Moses's parents saw he was a proper child and were not afraid or the king's commandment. Their faith was strong.

Mary, mother of Jesus, and Elizabeth, mother of John, were the mothers to two boys who became influential men, and one the Savior of the world. Both women had a great joy within their hearts as they carried their babies for 9 months. I'm sure they still had their struggles but deep in their hearts, knowing their boys were special, they had a love and a joy no one could steal.

Lois and Eunice, grandmother and mother of Timothy. These women were very important in the life of Timothy. They taught him faith in Jesus. Timothy did not have 1st generation Christian parents, he had a background of a faith-based family. If you are blessed with a background of a faith-based family you know those blessings of seeing Christ work in generation after generation. If your family is newer to the faith or you are the only Christian in your family, build that faith-based family. Show your children what God is all about that they may pass it on and you may become a legend for Christ.

There is something these mothers all had in common. Whether they raised their children for many years or only a few years, each mother was full of God so much that it spilled over into their children. A mother has a bond with her child that goes farther than any other bond. A mother invests in her child, prays for her child, cares and loves for her child. But the real challenge is to teach them a love for God that goes as deep as the mother/child bond. A mother's impression on her child will be the one that sticks the most.

I was blessed to spend the day with my Great Grandma on my father's side for a day. Her hands shook as she pulled her wore Bible off the end table. She could have read anything, watched something, but instead she chose to read her Bible. My Great Grandmother has been through a lot in her lifetime, but God has always been faithful and he continues to show that by providing for her and loving her. That is a testimony to me to always have faith in God. He will provide for u and take care of us. A few years ago my family visited Virginia for a wedding. My Great Grandparents on my mother's side were well known in that area so we had some connection to it. On the way home my mother made a comment about how everyone knew Great Grandpa's. But even though they talked about my Great Grandpa who was a minister, they really remembered my Great Grandmother. She worked quietly behind the scenes with a meek and gentle spirit and that's what people remember more than the sermons my Grandpa preached. The women of the Bible and the women in my life inspire me to be a better woman in Christ, whether I ever get married or not, I want t strive to be like these women in my daily life.

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