Monday, May 18, 2015

That Perfect Love

As I babysit each week, the 4 year old is allowed to watch an hour of show per day. So sometimes we watch Disney movies, princess movies to be a little more specific. Which I enjoy as much as her for some I haven't seen for a long time. Though we can't always finish the movies, they have recently left me thinking about the perfect man.

If you have ever watched a princess movie, you know that no matter what, the prince/hero always has a bunch of obstacles to overcome. For example: Cinderella; Prince Charming goes through the kingdom putting the mysterious glass slipper on every young maiden's foot to find his true love. Sleeping Beauty; Prince Philip risks life and limb to go through a forest and fight a dragon just to kiss his love and save her and her kingdom. Hercules; Though this movie is about a guy, he of course meets the one girl he can't live without! Her life is taken and to save her he has to swim in a sea of souls to get her. The catch is, as he swims his soul is slowly sucked away and if he doesn't get out in time he will die. Well, as you expect, the last hope is gone and then WOOSH he pulls them both up and saves both their lives. Yea!

There point I want to bring out is that even at 18 years old, after watching Cinderella 3, I was left wanting a love story where love overpowers the biggest, most evil spell and everything is perfect in the end. Then I realized, love overpowers everyday in the little stuff. When a husband and wife argue or disagree but come together, even after a little time being away from the other and cooling off, and they work it out, love has just conquered. When something drastic happens to a loved one and the family grows closer, love has just conquered. When life throws lemons and the couple or family make lemonade, love has conquered. Love does not have to make leaps and bounds over evil or bad times to be proven strong and real. Love goes over bumps and potholes and proves each day that it is alive and well. There is no such thing as perfection in a relationship, but with God all things are possible, and its those days where the impossible becomes possible and the mountain becomes an anthill. Those are the perfect days that we need to cherish.

~1 Corinthians 13~

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  1. I love this. And what greater love story than a King who left His incredible kingdom to live a forgotten life and die the most horrifying death in history after living a perfect life, just to save His undeserving bride? No earthly love story can ever compare <3