Monday, August 3, 2015

Trusting God

    Dear Reader ~ I have now moved to Cuba, NM. I am down here for one year to teach Navajo children about Christ. So you will most likely now be hearing about my adventures down here!
    So as I have journeyed to the land of sage and cactus I have had to put my faith in a God who WAY bigger, more powerful, stronger, and mightier than I. At first it was easy, I had my mother and my sister here. So putting my trust in Him was fine and good! Then, they left. They went over 1000 miles away back to our homeland of 386 acres, 800 trees and 100% humidity (A facebook joke). And for once in my life, faith and trust were two difficult words to swallow.
    I KNEW God could keep them safe, provide for them, and comfort them. But I wasn’t on the plane, I didn’t know that they would be ok getting home. I couldn’t control any part of their safety. Everything was out of my control. As the days have passed it’s gotten a lot easier. The heart of my faith is there, not just my head. I now know and feel in my spirit that God will and is taking care of them.
    Adjusting to the land and the different way of life has been fairly easy. Am I homesick? Yes occasionally, but I know there is a God that holds me and my family in his hands and in 18 years He has never forsaken me. Just recently I felt the effects of being homesick in full swing. I didn’t know why I had come down here. Why had I chosen to leave friends and family to be with strangers in a foreign land? I opened my Bible to Psalms and found the 17th verse of the 25th chapter.
                The troubles of my heart are enlarged: O bring thou me out of my distresses.
Well after reading that and then talking to Him by my bedside, I felt a lot better. Of course then talking to my mother 10 mins. afterward definitely helped.
   “God is good all the time and all the time God is good.” ~God’s Not Dead. Just remember as you go about your everyday, as you encounter disappointment, separation, sorrow, and discouragement, you have a God who will bring you out of your distresses. Trust that God with all your heart and you will have nothing to fear, and nothing to want.

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