Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Be a weed...WHAT?

We hear sermons on pulling the weeds in our spiritual garden and from our mind.  But as I pull weeds in my physical garden I have to wonder if we shouldn't be like the weeds. I tried to think of a flower that would illustrate this point and I came up with morning glories, but to some people they are weeds. So I shall just stick with the word weed and you may use another word if you can find one better than weed!

So why be like a weed? Well when you go to your garden, your flowers may not be growing properly but 9 times out of 10 the weeds are growing just fine. Flowers can take a lot of care, having the proper soil, water level, sunlight, those are just a few of examples of things flowers need. Weeds will grow in almost any environment. We as Christians should grow wherever we are planted. Like the weed we need to survive any kind of weather and not worry if the soil is right or if we get enough water. Missionaries in poor countries don't make sure they have all the trimmings of life they want before they go to that country, they go in faith that what they need, besides what they've taken, will be provided by God. Grow and thrive where God has placed you.

You may be thinking "Be a weed? Right, weeds are hated and they get pulled out of the garden." Your right, they do. I thought about this in parallel with a non-Christian. You to them may be a weed. They don't want to hear what you have to say about Christ, so they "pull" you out of their life. Now by "pull" I'm thinking they ignore what you say but they may still hang out with you and be your friend, or you may lose contact for a few years. But you either bring the subject back up or you make contact again after those few years and try again. That's being a weed, coming back and sharing Christ even though they've tried to "pull" that subject out.

You may have had to use your imagination to see the points I've tried to make, and hopefully it's made some sort of sense. If what I've said is completely off or you have another view point on being a weed, please comment below and let me know! Thanks and God Bless!


  1. You make great points, Savannah! We should always grow and thrive wherever we are. Even in some of the ugliest and yuckiest places, that's where God's light needs to shine. And I especially love what you said about being a weed, coming back and sharing Christ even though they've tried to "pull" that subject out., that's a great comparison! :)

  2. Thanks Kara. Yes you are absolutely right! :)