Friday, August 1, 2014

Healing Through the Tears

I would like to share this to show God's grace. I had a job that I really wanted. I found out tonight that I didn't get it. I had been talking to God for a couple of weeks and told Him that I knew He knows best and His will be done. My hopes were up quite high tho I tried not to let them get there. When I realized I would not have the job I really wanted I was sorely disappointed. I got home and kneeled down to talk to God about it. I cried and told Him my heart, I began to feel peace and much better about not receiving the job. I told Him His will still be done and He obviously had something much better for me. I got up from prayer and felt peace! I realized once again the amazing healing in crying out your heart and then feeling the peace of God. I thought about how many times throughout my past that this has happened to me and all I can say is God is good!! Thank you Father for Your will, Your peace, and Your healing hand!

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