Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Subtleness of Satan

A while back I was thinking about what I would wear for the day. I had decided on a skirt. As I looked through my shirts I saw youth retreat shirt which has a verse on the back of it.
I though "Maybe someone will ask me about the verse and I can witness to them!"
This did happen once on the train when I went to WA and I wore last year's shirt, though the man was already a believer he asked to read my shirt and we got to talk to him a little bit about his own ministry.

I was getting ready to leave and as I looked outside I noticed it looked overcast and cold, so I put my jean jacket on.
I stepped outside and here it was rather warm, but I thought taking off my jacket sounded like too much work and I was ready to go.

I went to the library and some other stops and never once took my jacket off. It wasn't till I was on the way home that I truly realized that Satan had just won. No one saw the back and barely the front of my shirt. No one asked because they did not see.

Satan wins too much in little things. I think he tires our minds so we want to go to bed instead of stay up for devotions. He gives us thoughts that go against what God would want us to think about. He gives us thoughts like put on your jacket so that we cover up God's word written on our shirt. He's too good at what he does and we need to constantly be on our guard for little battles that go on everyday.

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