Sunday, August 31, 2014


Commitment to God. My thoughts are turned to the people in Iraq and Israel where terrorist are shooting, beheading, and killing is horrible ways. They aren't just killing adults, they are killing children. How can one stay committed to God through a time like this? Today in church our Sunday school lesson was on difficulties. The opening for the sermon was on how willing/happy are we to be here in church today? How do we stand against the evils of the world? I had to realize that the end times are so much nearer than they have ever been.

Here in America we are not being beheaded. But there is so much more unrest then ever. We as Christians are faced with gays having rights like all the rest of us. Abortions being so much more common. Stores having to add abortions into their health insurances. Drugs, shootings, smoking, gays, promotion of sex, language, rudeness, these are a few of the things that are so much more prominent in this world then they ever have been before. This is what Christians are facing. Are we standing against it? Are we defending God and what His Word says? Are we keeping His standards and laws for all of these things like we should be? I will admit, in some of these things, I fail.

Prayer, continual Bible study, communication with other Christians, these are some good ways to help to stay committed and focused on God. But don't go through the motions and the act of it. It is a heart commitment that keeps you in focus with God. Let us stand strong against these issues that face us and have a heart that stays after God's heart.


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