Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Sermon That Spoke

I must confess, lately my spirit has not been one of happiness. Today it would have been very easy for me to stay home. I was sore from basketball/volleyball and then work. Mom and my sister were watering. Why should I go to church? Well, I had to take care of the bulletin, so I went. I went with a battle in my spirit. I got to church and began to lighten up. After Sunday school and the opening I felt better. Then our newly elected minister preached his first sermon as a minister. And as he talked I felt the burden rise from my shoulders. I felt lighter.

We all have days/weeks/months where we are on top of the mountain. We are so close to God we should be His right hand man (or woman). But then we all have those valleys were God is up there but we can't see Him through our rain cloud. This has been me the last little while. No matter what I try it just rains harder.

Then today God through Rodney spoke to my heart. He read from 2 Kings 2. The passage where Elisha is with Elijah just before he is caught up in the whirlwind and taken by God. They journey to 4 different places. Gilgal. Bethel. Jericho. Jordan. Rodney then compared to these 4 places with our spiritual walk.

Gilgal, conversion. We are convicted and brought to Christ, but we can't stay at conviction. We must begin to grow and be nourished by the Word, fellowship with other believers, and teachings on Sunday and Bible studies. Paul talks about being babes and needing to grow and eat meat. We have to move on.

Bethel, house of God. Part of growing is learning about God's promises for you, then resting in those promises. I think we all find a promise that is personal just to us from God. One of my absolute favorites is 2 Corinthians 4:8-9. It promises me that NO MATTER WHAT I go through....with God I will OVERCOME it!

Jericho, strongholds. We all have strongholds in our lives, but do we have them in our spiritual lives and walk with God that we need to break down? Something blocking full communication with the Father?

Jordan, new beginnings. We all come to valleys, areas in our walk where God is "far away". Jordan isn't new though, and crossing your Jordan isn't a one time thing. You will cross your Jordan several times and have to begin again. Your Jordan may also change when you have to recross it. Trusting in God will get you through your Jordan and back to your mountain.

I was truly blessed with the challenge of meeting these places in my walk head on and hopefully you have been too!

Blessings~ Savannah

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