Friday, August 1, 2014

Green Bean Moment!

This afternoon as I went out to pick green beans I looked down at the endless looking row and thot about all the picking, snapping, washing, and canning we would be doing. All that work to simply put a bowl of green beans on the table. My thots turned to the verse in Proverbs where Soloman says "Go to the ant, see how she prepares for winter" (not word for word). And I realized I was being the ant, preparing for the winter. I pulled some weeds around the plants and was reminded of Brandons opening about how we need to weed our Spiritual gardens. Then I started thinking about how the green bean plants compared to Christians. We all grow in Christ, as all the plants grow in soil. We all produce some kind of fruit, as the plants produce beans. Some Christians get really big and strong and bring many souls to Christ, as some plants get big and bushy and produce many beans. Some Christians live in the shadows of the stronger Christians and only do what necessary, likewise some plants grow in the shadows of the big ones and dont produce many beans at all. Some Christians come from a sinful, hurtful, and painful past but are the most radiant and touch the most ppl, same as some plants have bug-bitten leaves and holes throughout, yet they have produced the most beautiful beans. I then thot about the actual green bean and how they compare to the ppl in our life. Some beans were ready to be picked, some werent and some I accidently picked early when they could have been left to grow more. I compared the ready beans to those who know God or weve witnessed to and helped grow, God is ready to use and have them. The not ready ones I compared to the non-believers I know or young believers. We (with Gods help) are still nourishing them and allowing them to grow and be fed. Then I thot about the ones I accidently picked. I compared those to the babies and the young ppl God chooses to call home. We wonder what they would have grown up to become and what they would have done, but God always has a plan and purpose. And someday He will come back for His harvest and we will all be together!! ...All this because I went and picked green beans!! ;)

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